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SASAX-RSS documents

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SASAX-RSS is RSS(RDF Site Summary) 1.0 parser on SASAX(Simple API for SAX) framework.

SASAX-RSS consists with:

SASAX-RSS parser

RSS parser implementation on SASAX.

This implementation is portable for any other RSS applications, and is SASAX-RSS core.


GUI application sample using SASAX-RSS parser.

This is out of mainly maintenance domain.

How to use SASAX-RSS GUI

Invocation of SASAX-RSS GUI requires below:

In addition to it, you should set class loading configuration up for SASAX-RSS parser(sasax-rss-parser.jar)/ GUI(sasax-rss-gui.jar) JAR files under obj/java/jar.

Now, you can bootstrap SASAX-RSS GUI by invoking main() method of jp.ne.dti.lares.foozy.sasax.rss.GUI in sasax-rss-gui.jar. You can also do so by building "execute.gui" target with Apache ANT (and this also sets CLASSPATH configuration up shown above).

Tab pane for RSS location
The window appearing at invocation

In "RSS location" tab pane, please enter location of RSS document into input field and press "LOAD RSS" button. Second tab pane is for information about channel, and the others are for each items.

Tab pane for channel information
After loading RSS document

Table of contents

Implementation note

implementation note for SASAX-RSS parser/GUI.


license of SASAX-RSS framework.

API of SASAX-RSS parser

API documentation of SASAX-RSS parser(Javadoc style).


API documentation of SASAX-RSS GUI(Javadoc style).

Related links

SASAX(Simple API for SAX)

SASAX is the framework to use SAX(Simple API for XML) easily.

RDF Site Summary (RSS) 1.0

Specification of RDF Site Summary(RSS) 1.0. SASAX-RSS implementation refers this specification.

By the way, "resource" attribute without namespace prefix appears in some sample documents in this specification. This causes "no expected attribute" parsing error, because no namespace is applied to attributes without namespace prefix.