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GTD Orion Phase 2
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We saw over 80 Sathanas jaggernaughts at second shivan invasion. Shivans vanished after Capella, however, they may come back any time any place without warning. To oppose this threat, GTVA plans build new powerful destroyers, and also plans remodeling old destroyers. Remodeling existing destroyers enables building powerful destroyers in small cost and in short time. Here is the remodeling plan for GTD Orion class destroyers. This uses many technologies that we already have. Orion Phase 2 has following weapons:

3 x Beam Cluster
3 x BGreen
10 x Standard FLAK
9 x AAAF Anti Aircraft beam

New Weapon: Beam Cluster
This is a new weapon, however, this is built by technology we already have. The Beam Cluster consists of 7 individual small beam cannons. Each unit beam cannon has Mjornirbeam#Home.

If you fight against Orion Phase 2 as an enemy, destoroy beam cluster first. When you shoot helios bomb aiming center of beam cluster, all beam cluster cannons will be destroyed by 1 of helios bomb.


3 x Beam Cluster
3 x BGreen
10 x Standard FLAK
9 x AAAF 対空ビーム砲

新兵器: Beam Cluster (ビームクラスター)

もし Orion Phase 2 を敵として攻撃するときは、まずビームクラスターを破壊すべきである。ヘリオスミサイルを使用してビームクラスターの中心を攻撃すれば、7個あるビームクラスターの全てのビーム砲を一発で破壊することができる。

Download GTD Orion Phase 2 files

Click filename below to dowmload Orion Phase 2 files.
See ORION2.TXT in this ZIP file for installation, etc.

[ ORION2.ZIP ( 1,246,456 bytes) ]

Orion Phase 2 のファイルをダウンロードするには上のファイル名をクリックしてください。

GTD Orion Phase 2 in action

VS SD Ravana (1) Fire!

VS SD Ravana (2) Destroyed!

VS 6 of SCv Moloch around (1) Fire at will! Fire at will!

VS 6 of SCv Moloch around (2) Fireing like a star!

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