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GTC Ticonderoga
Click for larger view
[ Top View ] [ Side View ] [ Bottom View ] [ Rear View ]

GTC Ticonderoga class cruisers have following weapons:

2 x Terslash Beam Cannon
4 x SGreen
4 x Standard FLAK
4 x AAAF Anti Aircraft beam
6 x Cyclops torpedo tube
6 x EMP Adv. missile launcher

Ticonderoga can not have large beam cannons. To increase firepower, Cyclops was equipped. Cyclops torpedoes have strong power, however, also has weak point such as slow speed, interceptable.

GTC Ticonderogaは下記の兵装を装備している。

2 x TreSlash Beam Cannon
4 x SGreen
4 x Standard FLAK
4 x AAAF 対空ビーム砲
6 x Cyclops魚雷発射管
6 x EMP Adv. ミサイルランチャー


Download GTC Ticonderoga files

Click filename below to dowmload Ticonderoga files.
See TICO.TXT in this ZIP file for installation, etc.

[ TICO.ZIP ( 396113 bytes) ]

Ticonderoga のファイルをダウンロードするには上のファイル名をクリックしてください。

GTC Ticonderoga in action

Firing bottom main turret

Launching Cyclops torpedoes

TerSlash beam cannon fired from forward main turret

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