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T. Ohbayashi & the Symphonic-Romantic Organ Institute
Organ Architects, Builders and Restorers, Tokyo, Japan
  • The Grand Concert Organ
    at "CUBE", Shiroishi
    completed in May 1997

  • Virtual Concert at the "CUBE"
  • Past and Coming events. (Under preparation.)
  • About JUBAL Ltd. and

    Our devotion to historical instruments at :
    The Symphonic-Romantic Organ Institute (SROI)
    Employment Opportunities available at SROI near Tokyo for qualified international Organbuilders for restorations of Romantic / Symphonic instruments.
  • C.V. - T. Ohbayashi
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  • Grand Concert Organ at CUBE
    The Grand Concert Organ at "CUBE"
    Visit "Pipe Organs and Music" for more info on pipe organs and organ music.
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