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Shiro Nakane and former head Kinsaku Nakane write to "THE GLORY OF GARDENS".

2,000 Years of Writings on Garden Design. (Harry N. Abrams, Inc.)

Choosing 100 writers of the yard from the past 2,000 years, with the book which summarized writing with the photograph of the beautiful yard to one, from different culture, the style of Europe, Japan, China, and the garden style of Islam, it is discovery of the history of the yard and each essay shows a modern idea to specific research of a style.

Shiro Nakane essay is published in "'The Antioch Review'.

It is created by a technology, knowledge, and an aesthetic sensibility to say nothing of the landscape gardening work. However, the philosophy and the prospect are the most necessary one in reality. Story by Shiro Nakane.

Shiro Nakane essay ”Structure in the Japanese Garden”
'The Glory of Gardens - 2,000 Years of Writings on Garden Design’ insert.
With the essay of famous Peter Walker and Christophe Girot Quarterly American magazine of tradition and authority ‘The Antioch Review’(Volume 64, Number 2 Spring 2006) It was published for the first time as Asian's garden designer.
Fact in which Nakane's essay was published Always think that the landscape gardening design that we are requesting is evidence admitted also by western societies.We have a vision and the usual philosophy and will do a creation landscape gardening in the future.

Adachi Museum of Art was chosen as the No.1 Japanese Garden by Japanese Garden Journal

1. ADACHI MUSEUM OF ART   (Museum, Shimane Prefecture)
Main and Platten called the Adachi Art Museum, "A tour de force of meticulous maintenance." The Shiosai Project experts agreed.  Adachi earned their #1 ranking over a period of 30 years.  Take a bow.

2. KATSURA RIKYU   (Imperial Villa, Kyoto)
At or near the top of every list, Katsura represents Sukiya Living at its finest.

3. YAMAMOTO-TEI   (Neighborhood Retreat, Tokyo)
This neighborhood day retreat continues to impress with its relaxed and graceful atmosphere.  For 100 yen visitors can stay as long as they? like.If you want to experience Sukiya Living at its finest, this place is hard to beat. (see JOJG #32)

Adachi Museum Garden, Yasuki City , Shimane Pref. Japan's Top Gardens : No.1  Adachi Art Museum 

Melbourne Zoo Japanese Garden was chosen as the No.1 Japanese Garden in Australia by Japanese Garden Journal

Melbourne Zoo Japanese Garden  , Melbourne ,Victoria ,Australia
Australian Garden Survey : No.1  The Melbourne Zoo Japanese Garden

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