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5.Worldwide recognized works:   American professional magazine, ’Journal of Japanese Gardening’ chose the Adachi Museum garden, Yasugi City, Shimane Prefecture for the No. 1 Japanese garden in Japan. Moreover the Melbourne Zoo Japanese garden, Melbourne, Victoria and the University of Southern Queensland Japanese garden, Toowoomba, Queensland were also chosen for No. 1 and No.2 Japanese gardens in Australia. 
4. Many project achievements in abroad:  We made many projects in abroad.  The Carter Presidential Center, Atlanta, Georgia, Museum Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts and National Gallery of Arts, Washington, D. C., U.S.A. are some of them.
3. Full range design ability: Our project scale covers from very small TSUBONIWA (courtyard garden) to large scale garden like a Public Park. In addition our design variety covers from traditional Japanese garden such as Zen garden and Tea garden to contemporary landscape design such as Atrium garden and restoration of natural landscape.
2. Supreme experience and knowledge about the traditional Japanese garden: Kinsaku Nakane, former President and the founder of Nakane & Associate, supervised the restoring works and investigations almost all the important classic Japanese gardens in Kyoto.  And Shiro Nakane, current President and the successor of his knowledge and experience, is still engaging in similar projects at famous classic gardens like Katsura Imperial Villa, Sento Imperial Place and others.  That means we know the best about the traditional techniques of the Japanese garden.
About Nakane & Associates (Nakane Garden Research & Landscape Consultant Corporation)
1. Long history:Nakane & Associates were founded in 1966.  But even before that we had engaged in landscape architecture projects.
Adachi Museum / Melbourne Zoo / University of S. Queensland
The Carter President Center / Museum of Fine Art / National Gallery of Arts
Restoration project of Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion) Temple in 1956
Process of construction of the source of the stream, Ishizuchi Arts Village Natural Landscape Garden
Mycal Bore Sanda Atrium and Roof Gardens
Taizo-in Temple / Takagi’s Tea Garden / Yoko Museum
Daisen-in Temple / Jyonan-gu Shrine / Taima-dera Temple
















































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