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Residential Garden Design Service

Residential Garden Design Service

Shall we have a real traditional Japanese Garden or remodel into Japanese style garden in your garden or outdoor living space?

  • After discussing all of your requests, we will translate your images and ideas into your garden.
  • We design gardens taking into consideration the site and surrounding landscape.
  • We suggest the best plan according to the time frame.
  • We will make a plan and color design concept drawing.
  • If necessary, we will make an approximate quantity survey document of the landscaping products.
  • You are free to indicate any preferred alterations to the design. You will be able to contact us by e-mail and FAX.
  • This residential scale design service includes recommendations or proposals for you to submit showing the design concept and plan. However, we can also provide a construction service and purchase (Export) services for all kinds of landscaping materials. Additionally, we will assist in finding a local landscape architecture company.  

 Let’s start to convert you dreams into reality by following these 5 steps.

Step.1  Please contact us to provide written estimates.


  1. We would like you to ask your family members for suggestions to the design, if available.
  2. How many parking spaces do you need?
  3. Do you have a special request for the plants and flowers?
  4. What type of Japanese garden do you prefer to have? Kaiyushiki (traditional strolling garden with pond and stream), moss garden, dry landscape garden (Karesansui Zen garden), Tsubo-niwa (traditional Japanese courtyard), Chaniwa (tea garden)?
  5. How do you plan to maintain your garden?
  6. If you have an images, pictures, drawings, and/or documents of your proposed garden, please send it to us.

Step.2  Site survey

  1. We need to survey the existing site. Please prepare a site plan including: direction, elevation, drainage system, underground electrical wires, and gas system, if available.
  2. Please prepare some pictures which show the view of the site and the surrounding landscape from your house. It will be a great help if you also let us know where you took these pictures at the same time you provide us with your plan.  
  3. Please prepare an architectural site plan and floor plan with pictures (i.e. where are the main gate, windows, living room…)

Step.3  Do you have a plan including time & budget?

  1. If you have a budget plan, please let us know.
  2. Please inform us of any special requests or design installations that you may have.
  3. For many reasons it may be hard to complete a whole project at one time. In those situations, we recommend deciding on a final concept plan at the beginning.  Then start to construct your garden following an agreed upon construction schedule.

Step.4  Let’s start to make a concept plan for your garden.

  1. We will draw up the first concept, at this time you are free to indicate any preferred alterations. (There will be additional charges for changes that are requested after this design phase.) We will support you by e-mail and FAX.
  2. The chart below is about our garden design service costs

Cost and Planning detail



Less than 300㎡


More than 600㎡

Plan A

Plan+Sketch + Document of the approximate quantity for installation



Depend on the project

Plan B




Plan C




Plan D

All details are set by your requests

Additional details

  • We will send one color design concept plan on A3 size paper and one color image picture (Plan A and B).  Additional drawings are available upon request for US$570.00 per drawing.
  • It will take approximately 2-4 weeks to create the design concepts for plan C.
  • All of our services (plan and drawings) will be sent to you by e-mail.
  • If you request the plan and drawings by post, there will be an additional cost for packing and shipping.

Step.5  Payment

We expect 40% of the total cost at signing the agreement. 30% will expected when we submit to you the first concept plan, and then 30% for the final concept plan.

Additional service

  1. If requested, we can provide a construction supervision service by our staffs from Japan. With this service, expect additional costs that include transportation, accommodation, and other necessary costs or personnel expenses US$530.00~US$1,450.00 a day (depending on profession).
  2. We provide purchase (Export) services for all kinds of landscaping materials (ex. Ishi-doro (Japanese stone lantern), Chozu-bachi (water basin), and Seki-to (stone tower)). 
  3. If requested, we can assist in finding a local landscape architecture company.

Fill out the sheet below to start creating your beautiful real Japanese Garden with us!

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