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The Museum of Modern Art,  
Kamakura & Hayama
「陸」1960 神奈川県立美術館所蔵  Land 1960 

The Kagawa Museum   「市邑」1966 香川県文化会館所蔵 Cityscape 1964  「市邑」1984 香川県文化会館所蔵 Cityscape 1984

Okawa Museum of Art   「雪景」制作年不明 大川美術館所蔵  Snowy cityscape     「裸婦」制作年不明 大川美術館所蔵  Nude

Musashino Art University 
Museum & Library
Land A 1959 Cityscape 1965 Channel 1980

The Museum of Modern Art, Toyama Hill,Village 1980

Takamatsu City Museum of Art  Land A 1962

Tamagawa Museum of Modern Art  Longing for Home 1960

Fuchu City Land 1966

The Theater of Art,Fuchu no mori  Border Town 1992

Fuchu Art Museum  Cliff 1997

The Principal Exhibition of Sakue Omori

Kodo-bijutsu Association
Modern Art Association
The Contemporary Art of Japan/THE MAINICHI NEWSPAPERS
The Excellent Art Selection/The Asahi Shinbun Company
The International Contemporary Art of Japan /THE MAINICHI NEWSPAPERS
The Painting and Sculpture in Modern Japan/The National Museum of Modern Art,Tokyo
The Painters of the Wartime Generation/The National Museum of Modern Art,Tokyo
The Japanese Contemporary Art in the Postwar Era/The Museum Museum of Modern Art,Kamakura & Hayama
The most important work of Contemporary Art during 20 yeras/ THE MAINICHI NEWSPAPERS
The 100 scapes of painting in Toyama/The Museum of Modern Art, Toyama
Solo Exhibition of Sakue Omori,Professor/Musashino Art University Museum & Library
Solo Exhibition of Sakue Omori/Fuchu Green Plaza
The Artists have connection with Fuchu/Fuchu Art Museum
The memory of Artists/Kagawa Prefectual Cultural Center
A collection of oil paintings/Musashino Art University Museum & Library
5 Oil painters of Musashi Fuchu/Fuchu Art Museum