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Works of Sakue Omori (1919-2001)

“Which of your paintings is your favorite?”
“They are all number one.”
This would be Sakue Omori’s final words.

Masterpiece of Museum and Private collection
RoomT. Shodoshima/Takamatsu/Tokyo/The War
RoomU. Shinjuku/Jiyu Bijutsu/Modern ART
RoomV. Fuchu/Modern ART/Kodo Bijutsu
RoomW. Ile Saint Louis,Paris
RoomX. Fuchu,Tokyo

English texts
List of Works/Chronology
“Sakue Omori-Sensei “by Akiko Endo
“The World of Sakue Omori” by Meiji Hijikata

Curator/ArtDirector Rika Omori

2015 Rika Omori
Printed in Japan
ISBN978-4-7630-1519-8 C0071

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Click here to read an article featuring the interview(Japanese art news paper/21th May 1986)with Sakue.

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