In 1993, his first trip to Trinidad,
he played in the Moluga Pan Jumboly
with Moods the calypso tune.
In 1993, Susumu Muraji came back to Japan from Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. He built a band named "Domestic Steel Pan Combo", played with the Steel pan (Steel drum) in front line, to let them know how nice instrument the pan is. They played many famous cover tunes from any kind of music at mainly in Kobe, Japan. Two album tapes and one sample tape was published in two years. He also played in other style, Duo or Trio in the restaurant, and other places as a professional. He preside steel pan school in Ashiya (next city of Kobe), and in Tennouji (big town in Osaka).
Steel band is the name for the band play with only steel pans and percussions. D.S.P.C. was the band with a pan, he don't want to call his band "steel band".
In 1997, Muraji went to the Trinidad again, and he played in the carnival "Panorama" as a member of the steel band "Moods" from Curepe, Trinidad. He got plenty pans for his students and for himself, then he went to United States to watch what's going on around the pan in U.S., then back to Japan. After that, he went to U.S. again, and got the technique of tuning of the pans. He opened a shop that customers could 'choose' 'good' pans with 'stabilization of prices', named "Curepe" in Nishinomiya (located between Kobe and Ashiya).
He quit to teach in the steel pan school, and he started personal lesson school in CUREPE. And he construct new band called Steel Power Stars that will grow up to the steel band.
In1998,1999 and 2000, he kept going to Trinidad and Tobago to play in Carnival, He got plenty Trinidadian friend again.
Steel Pan Shop Curepe sold plenty pans, also to Kyoto college of art. Curepe gets customer's trusts from them good after care. Curepe also advised making mini-pans to Takarazuka, Nishitani-junior school, and Asahi news paper. Curepe started make Middle-sized-pan, Bass pan.
Nov.2000, Steel Pan Shop Curepe changed the name to Steel Pan Lab Curepe.
Steel Power Stars, Steel Pan Lab Curepe, and Susu, will support the pan world from many angles. They try to be rolling forever.
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