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Mr. Othello Molineaux had finished his Japan Tour.
Othello Molineaux Steel Drum Clinic was held.
Thank you very much that many people join us.
I believe people had enjoy the Othello's talk , and feel his Passion.

Trinidadian Steel Bands are come and play in Japan, Pamberi, Caribbean Magic, and Exodus.
I feel Japanese economy goes little better, ent?
Pamberi finished all gigs and left Japan.
We have stiil chance to see the Caribbean Magic go around MID JAPAN,
(conversation), and


we got all infomation, at last
each concert have different ticket prices. Sometime the schedule would be changed , and they don't let me know.
Please, checkMin - on or each concert hall to make sure the infomation, and enjoy Exodus sounds.

Exodus Steel Orchestra Japan Tour 2005, All Schedule

18 Kagawa kenmin hall, Kagawa pref.
20 Yumenity No-o-gata, Fukuoka pref.
21 Hita Shimin Kaikan, Saga pref.
22 Sagashi bunka kaikan, Saga pref.
23 Kumamoto shimin kanikan, Kumamoto pref.
25 Miyazaki bunka hall, Miyazaki pref.
26 Kagoshima bunka hall
27 O-ita kenritsu bunka centre, O-ita pref.
28 Kurume shimin kaikan, Fukuoka
30 Isahaya bunka kaikan, Nagasaki pref.
31 Takeo-shi bunka kaikan, Saga pref.

1 I-zuka cosmos comon, Fukuoka pref.
2 Fukuoka sun palace, Fukuoka pref.
4 Beppu B con-plaza philharmonia, O-ita pref.
5 Karatsu shimin kaikan, Saga pref.
6 Sasebo large hall, Nagasaki pref.
7 O-muta bunka kaikan, Fukuoka pref.
8 Hond shimin centrem, Kumamoto pref.
10 Kikuchi shi bunka kaikan, Kumamoto pref.
11 Kyushu kousei nenkin kaikan, Fukuoka pref.
12 Nagasaki
14 Sakai shimin kaikan Osaka pref.
16 Uji shi bunka centre, Kyoto pref.
17 Harmony hall, Fukui pref.
19 Higashi Matsuyama shimin bunka centre, Saitama pref.
20 Wako shimin bunka centre, Saitama pref.
21 Sayama shi shimin kaikan, Saitama pref.
22 Chiba ken Nansou Bunka hall, Chiba pref.
23 Nakano Sun plaza hall, Tokyo pref
26 Obihiro shimin bunka hall, Hokkaido pref.
27 Hokkaido kousei nenkin kaikan, Hokkaido pref.
28 Otaru shimin kaikan, Hokkaido pref.
29 Kokakomai shimin kaikan, Hokkaido pref.


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