Curepe Steel Pan News2004.11.

Panman Soo、Steel Power、Steel Power Expanded
schdule in 2004. Nov.

lots typhoon came to Japan this year,
big earthquake in Nigata.
are you alright? are your town safe?
we are still alive.

we have many live performances this autumn also.
come and relax with our pan sounds. pubric holidday
Curepe School Steel Band (CS2B)
Higashinada fureai festa 2004 @ sumiyoshi park special event space, mini-stage, Kobe city
12:00 - 12:20
this event bykobe-shi, shakai fukushi kyougi kai

we bring our school band and let them devut.
it's so small stage for STEEL POWER EXPANDED.
you can come from JR sumiyoshi station, down to south few brocks.

you can join us free
info: kobe-shi, shakai fukushi kyougi kai 078-841-4131
Steel Power Expanded
takarazuka minzoku matsuri
@ takarazuka city nagao minami junior school
12:25 - 40minutes
we also have many many human races in Japan, these days
Korean Japanese, Japanese Brazilian, Japanese came back from China,
we try to make a town people lives,
who are respect identity each other, live together.
In this event, they try to get understand each other more.
mm... great.
I just expect delicious foods on world's fast food corner.
Steel Band, Steel Power Expanded will appear to show the Caribbean Groove.

you can see us free
info: takarazuka minzoku matsuri 0797-73-2932

Steel Power live bomb in osaka vol. 2
@ takatsuki Nampu Rakuten

start 19:00
charge free (throw the tips.)

You will get satisfaction with foods in Nampu Rakuten.
Good people, good atmosphere.
I wrote about it in my diary [beating the pan], please read it. (in Japanese only)
the guest drummer is HASSHAN, the best drummer in these days, I met.
his brush work is great.
He make MURAJI's original tune, Sky from Under Water, very sophisticated one, with his brush.
you should check him.

info: Nampu Rakuten
1-23, Takatsuki cho, Takatsuki city, Osaka pref,
tel 0726-85-6395
panman soo supports
@ PENA, minami semba, Osaka city
open:19:00 start 19:30
charge 1500 yen (with 1drink)

I will play pan to support the great vocalist, TSUKIYO, with AKIRA KUN, OBAPYON, who are nice guitarists.
you can see new comer the bassist AYANO KUN , he is young!
Come and feel deep TSUKIYO world.

info: 月夜
B1, dia palace junkei cho build, 1-7-8, minami semba, chuou ku, osaka city
tel 06-6264-1496
Steel Power Expanded live bomb in Osaka vol.3
@nu things honmachi, osaka city
mid night
we don't know time and music fee

great deep musicians come and join together in osaka, Nu-Things.
Steel Band, Steel Power Expanded will play full power!
I realy expect to spend wonder night.
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